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Best New Social Media Platforms 2024

Whether you're an experienced social media marketer, an entrepreneur exploring new possibilities in social media, or a business owner aiming to take advantage of the immense potential of social platforms, understanding the current landscape of popular social media platforms is crucial. This knowledge allows you to improve your brand's visibility, communicate with your target audience successfully, and fine-tune your social media marketing approach for optimum impact.

However, it is more than simply the amount of people on various social media platforms; it is also about compatibility with your brand and your intended audience. Is the platform consistent with your brand identity? Is your target audience engaged on that particular social media platform? Furthermore, examine your ability to maintain many social media profiles simultaneously.

To help you make an informed choice, we researched and gathered information about the top social networking sites in 2024. While some platforms are known, others may be unfamiliar to you. We encourage you to go through this list to learn about the social networking tools that could help your brand. Remember that success isn't dependent on being visible on every network; rather, it's about deliberately selecting channels that correspond with your brand's objectives and audience preferences.

Top Social Media Apps And Platforms For 2024

While user volume is essential keep in mind that the platform with the most users isn't always the best fit for your company. To make your social media marketing approach as effective as possible, you must first identify where your target audience is most engaged.

By focusing your efforts on platforms where your ideal clients are active, you can increase your company's return on investment (ROI). Rather than spreading your resources thinly over several channels, focus your efforts on the sites that are most relevant to your target audience.

  • BeReal: Embracing Authenticity on Social Media

Are you tired of the perfectionist exterior encouraged by filters, Photoshop, and choreographed picture shoots that dominate social media sites like Instagram? If so, BeReal could be the refreshing option you've been looking for. So, what exactly is BeReal?

BeReal, founded in France in 2019, has a bold mission: to reveal people's inner essences and foster genuine connections. This is how it works.

Every day, at a random time, BeReal sends users a notification asking them to "be real." Within a two-minute time frame, users must take two unfiltered, unedited images with their phone's front and rear cameras. There are no retakes permitted outside of this timeframe. In a world full of organised content and carefully produced characters, BeReal stands out by emphasising authenticity and spontaneity. Instagram has taken note, introducing its own two-camera filter to imitate the BeReal appearance on its site.

  • Clubhouse: The Rise And Fall Of An Audio App

Clubhouse, an audio-based platform with live chat rooms, debuted in March 2020 for iOS, with an Android version coming in May 2021. Despite being in beta and invitation-only, the app soon gained traction, with two million active weekly users by December 2021. At its peak, Clubhouse had a 10 million-strong backlog, with invite codes apparently commanding astronomical rates.

Despite recruiting prominent personalities like Oprah Winfrey to moderate debates, the app's popularity has fallen since its peak in February 2021. Since then, active users have decreased by more than 60%, indicating a substantial deterioration in Clubhouse's fortunes. Clubhouse did encourage major companies to create their own audio-only applications (LinkedIn, Spotify, and Twitter, for a while), so whether it continues or not, its impact will be felt for years to come.

  • Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, which launched in 2020, is Instagram's take on short-form video, comparable to TikTok. Reels, unlike Stories, can last up to 90 seconds and are permanently shown on your stream. They have additional editing capabilities, such as mixing footage, altering layouts, and adding AR effects, which makes them popular on the Explore page. Using Reels can help you expand the reach and longevity of your video content beyond Stories.

  • Spotify Live

Spotify launched its live audio app, Spotify Greenroom, in June 2021, before rebranding it as Spotify Live in April 2022. It focuses on musical artists and athletes, making use of Spotify's podcast and music fan user base. While a Spotify account is not required, you can log in using your Spotify credentials. You may join live talks by visiting your favourite artist's or creator's page and using the Spotify Live app. Initial downloads totalled 141,000 on iOS and 100,000 on Android, but no recent figures have been revealed. Despite a modest start, Spotify has the advantage of expanding on its audio-focused platform.

  • Discord

Discord, which initially launched in 2015 for gamers, has since grown into a significant chat-focused social media network. It just acquired USD 995 million in investment and expects 522 million visitors by July 2022. While gamers continue to use Discord to stream games, the platform now offers a variety of communities that discuss topics such as dating shows and sports. It is also popular in the NFT and cryptocurrency communities. Despite not selling advertisements, brands can develop a presence via channels or servers. Discord's emphasis on genuine interaction generates strong relationships and important client information.

  • Twitch

Twitch, founded in 2011, is one of the oldest sites, with an estimated 26.5 million daily active users. Primarily renowned for gaming, it has 7.1 million active streams as of October 2022. Despite its gaming roots, Twitch today features a varied range of content, including food shows, cosmetics lessons, and musical performances, with users watching 6.1 billion hours of material in a single quarter. As Twitch's popularity grows, marketers may reach out to its audience by building branded channels, engaging with influencers, or purchasing ads on the network.

  • Patreon

Patreon, founded in 2013, allows content creators to earn money from their work through subscriptions. Subscribers receive special material and interact with producers in exchange for financial support. Patreon has grown significantly since its beginning, with over 250,000 creators and eight million paying subscribers. It gives creators, particularly those with established audiences on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, more control and ownership over their revenue streams. Patreon offers two subscription models: monthly and per-post payments.

  • Substack

Substack, created in 2017, serves as an email newsletter platform that enables self-employed writers. It allows creators to communicate directly with their audiences through their own publications, bypassing traditional publishers. Substack for Podcasts also allows audio creators to publish and expand their podcasts, and a video player, which was released in early 2022, expands content creation options. Creators can provide premium levels beginning at USD 5 per month, in addition to free material. Substack, like social media platforms, relies on influencers to expand its following and has paid six-figure sums to bring well-known writers to the platform.

  • Lemon8

Lemon8, a photo and video-sharing network, combines features from TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. The UI has six topic tabs: Fashion, Beauty, Food, Wellness, Travel, and Home. Unlike TikTok, Lemon8 uses a Pinterest board-style layout with Following and For You tabs. It also allows for more elaborate post captions than TikTok.

The app includes influencer marketing and product recommendations, but some users find it difficult to distinguish sponsored material. Others, however, like the less intrusive ad experience compared to other platforms. Lemon8 focuses on lifestyle and aesthetics more than memes.

  • Telegram

Telegram, created in 2013, is a messaging service that prioritises privacy over larger networks such as Facebook and Instagram. It allows users to exchange data, photographs, and videos in group chats with up to 200,000 people. The platform also supports public Telegram channels with the potential for millions of followers. Telegram launched advertising in October 2021, but only on public channels. Advertisers are assured that no personal information will be accessed or user clicks recorded. Instead, advertisers choose topics, channels, and languages for their advertisements. Brands can engage consumers organically by establishing public channels or using chatbots for customer service.


To summarise, while mastering the ever-changing world of new social media platforms can be difficult, obtaining a fundamental grasp is essential for developing an effective brand social media strategy. By being updated about developing platforms and their distinct features, brands can make informed decisions to capitalise on new possibilities and communicate with their target audience in novel ways, eventually driving growth and success in 2024's ever-changing digital landscape.

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