Being the business hub of the Middle-east, Dubai engulfs galore of businesses every day. A reliable news channel stated that, in the first half of 2017, the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) Sector at Dubai Economy has recorded issuance of 10,455 commercial licenses with an average of 1,743 licenses per month, while a total number of 71, 831 licenses renewed. Among these, the new commercial licenses included 73% trade licenses, 1.9% industrial licenses, and 1.7% tourism licenses, which indicate that Dubai is getting stronger as a business destination.

If you search on Google, you can find hundreds of thousands of new businesses boom up but eventually, close down. Poor marketing strategies are considered as the main reason behind the sudden cessation of businesses. If so, what makes a lot of businesses successful in Dubai? Of course, good marketing strategies, especially digital marketing, the latest buzz word in the business world.

Thinking about the elements that make digital marketing the favourable choice for business ventures? Definitely, affordability and lesser marketing expenses to reach the target audience make more businesses adopt this new generation marketing approach.

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups in Dubai, UAE

While big companies or businesses not often need to spend a good amount of money or have abundant options to promote their business, startups and small scale businesses usually need to follow effective strategies to improve their business and to ensure the best ROI. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, most companies now go for affordable digital marketing services that offer better business or potential audience to improve your business. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai can be of very much help in such circumstance, where you find it difficult to push your business forward or obtain more sales.

  1. Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies adopted by digital marketing agencies to help companies promote their business. By marketing the content, you are sharing information and relevant data on the website regarding your business so that people could easily identify what your business is and what all services you provide. This increases the visibility of your product or services and develops trust in your brand. Whatever you write about your business on the website which is retold by someone else will add more value to the brand. Through this way of sharing information about your business indirectly and giving solutions to the problems the customers are looking for, you can easily convince people to choose your business. People who are in real need of the service or solution that you offer reach out to your content and get easily influenced and decided to prefer your brand.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation:

    Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO is another digital marketing strategy adopted by modern business to ensure your website is noticeable to your potential audience while they search on the internet for similar business solutions. Since every person living in a city like Dubai are web-savvy, they prefer Google as the best option to find the service or solutions they look for. If you have a misconception that SEO is a very cheap or quick option, you are wrong. Definitely, you need to invest some money to implement good SEO strategies to make sure that your website ranks on the top of the search engine results beating your competitors. A trusted and experienced SEO company in Dubai would certainly take your website on the first few positions of Google, which in turn increases the visibility for the potential audience.

  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM):

    Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques adopted by almost everyone to reach out to a massive audience in a short period of time. But how effectively you handle this platform is very important, because just sharing an image or video related to your business on your social media pages may not bring your potential customers. For that, you need to find an experienced social media marketing agency in Dubai that can help even startups get a boost through effective social media campaigns. They can support you to reach more prospective clients through various recommended social media platforms in UAE such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Though all these platforms provide free services, paid marketing options can provide an edge over other competitors. Finding the best digital marketing agency in Dubai will be highly beneficial to do paid advertising on these social media channels to reach out to the targeted audience in a very effective way.

  4. Search Advertising (SEM):

    Search Advertising is a kind of paid marketing service that is widely recommended by digital marketing companies to showcase your business on Google through Ads to people who search for the kind of products or services you offer. As paid Ads are showing up above the organic results on Google search results, there is a tendency for people to click on the Ads before scrolling down to see the organic results. Considering the digital feasibilities of the businesses in UAE, most of the businesses in Dubai nowadays want to be on the Google Search Ads. Startups especially consider Google Ads as a good strategy to grow their business.

  5. Display Advertising:

    Display Advertising, also known as Display Ad unlike the Search Ad, shows up for people who are not even really searching for their product or services. It is a variant of Google Ads that provide excellent opportunity to use banners and video ads to advertise your business on different websites that use Google Ad services. Similarly, you can advertise your business using Display Ad on hundreds of websites. The major benefits are Google Display Ad is an affordable advertising option even for startups and the payment for these Ads can be handled through a single channel thus supporting you to manage all the Ads activities from a single place.

  6. Email Marketing:

    Emil Marketing has been applied as one of the proven digital marketing strategies by various agencies for many years. As a cost-effective marketing methodology, E-mail marketing is adopted by marketing agencies even though the e-mail service providers now give low priority for marketing and promotional emails. Using Email marketing, you can build a database of your prospective clients and inform them about your services. However, it is recommended not to end up in email spamming through Email marketing because spamming can negatively impact your brand.

  7. Influencer Marketing:

    Isn’t it a good idea to let other people who have an influence on your potential clients speak about your business? This is what actually happening in Influencer Marketing- celebrities and influencers on the internet who have huge followers promote your business and this pave the way to reach out to a large number of people. You may have to pay these influencers to endorse your products or services. You can avail the services of YouTubers, Influencer bloggers, and Instagrammers in Dubai who are often willing to accept paid promotions through their channels. What you need to do is to collaborate with them and find utilise their services for your business promotion.

  8. Conversion Oriented Landing Pages:

    What if your website with loads of information doesn’t bring any sales to your business? A website with informative quality content will unquestionably help on SEO, but it is really unfortunate if your reader gets lost in reading the information and doing nothing to avail your services. Like any business, this is a common problem we usually witness with many Dubai startup websites. Here arises the importance of conversion oriented landing page with proper Call To Action button. A good landing page with suitable CTA elements will considerably increase the conversion rates, which in turn bring better ROI. So even if you have a decent website with all the necessary information in sufficient quantity, adding a landing page and following better website architecture will improve your business conversion possibilities and help you yield the maximum out of it.

  9. Retargeting & Remarketing:

    On different websites, you may have repeatedly noticed Ads of some products you have searched on certain eCommerce websites Flipkart or Amazon. Ever thought of how these Ads show up on the website you go through? That is ‘Remarketing’. In general, remarketing is a kind of digital marketing technique usually employed to advertise different products or services to people who have earlier shown interest in similar stuff. However, to set up a remarketing campaign effectively, you need a certain level of technical knowledge. A professional digital marketing agency in Dubai will be more helpful to get remarketing services if you are running a business there.

Expanding a business nowadays is harder than it’s ever been. Since today’s customers are highly knowledgeable and have access to more information than ever before, while running your business, it is very important to understand what all strategies you need to follow and why you need to tweak your strategies and increase more customers. These digital marketing strategies are not just effective for startups in Dubai; these are the most commonly employed strategies of many successfully running businesses across the UAE. It doesn’t matter whether your business is based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other Emirates, you can try these strategies considering your marketing requirements, audience behaviour, and business competition. Choose the best digital marketing agencies to help you optimise your marketing plan and help you achieve the best ROI.