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List of Google AdWords Partner Agencies in UAE

Are you looking for a Google AdWords partner agency in UAE? If you are looking for advertising your business on Google search or other Google Partner websites, then advertising on Google AdWords is a great option. Read some important information about AdWords partner agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates of UAE.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Google made an announcement on June 27, 2018 that Google AdWords is now rebranded as Google Ads. So, if you see “Google Ads” in some places in this article, then don’t get confused. Google Ads is the new name of Google AdWords. A Google Ads Partner means the same as Google AdWords Partner. The new Google Ad Manager combines various marketing solutions from Google into a single platform that covers Google AdWords as well.

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About Google Partner Agency

Google AdWords Partner agencies are digital marketing agencies, marketing professionals or advertising agencies who are certified by Google as their Partner Agency who can offer Google AdWords support to their customers with some additional support from Google. A lot of digital marketing agencies in UAE offer AdWords services to their clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other regions of UAE. They are not necessarily AdWords partners or Google partners. In fact, for a digital marketing agency to offer AdWords services to customers, they don’t need to be a Google Partner at all. In fact, it makes no difference for a business in UAE whether they are taking the AdWords services from a Google Partner in UAE or a Google Partner agency outside the country or a normal digital marketing agency in Dubai which do not have the Google Partner status.

The primary benefit of working with a Google Partner in UAE is, you will get expedited support from Google in case your Ads are disabled for any policy violations. But if you are an advertiser who adheres to the policies, then probably it will make no difference whether you are using the services from a Partner agency or a normal digital marketing agency. In that context, it may be a lot of cheaper for you to take the services of a normal digital marketing agency since the Google Partner agencies in UAE seem to charge a lot higher service fee for their brand value as a Google Partner.

How much Google Partners in UAE charge for AdWords management?

Well, there is no fixed rate card. Every Google Partner agency in UAE charge as per their choice and there is no standard rate card. Some Google Partner agencies in UAE charge up to 5,000 AED just as their monthly service charge for managing AdWords Ads for their customers. Some agencies may charge a lower monthly service fee but they will take a percentage of your monthly ad budget. This percentage may go as high as 15%.

If you are a business owner in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or other regions of UAE, you must think twice before outsourcing your Ad management to a company which will take a big cut of your ad budget. Finding a trusted Digital Marketing Partner agency is not an easy task, especially when there are hundreds for small and large digital marketing agencies in UAE.

If you are looking for an affordable AdWords agency in UAE, contact us today. We offer affordable rates for managing and optimising your Google Ads. With more than a decade of experience in digital advertising space, we can offer you the best results at affordable costs.

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AdWords Services in UAE: How does it work?

If you are interested in working with SpiderWorks as your AdWords partner, we will be happy to guide you through our process before you even make your initial payment. Here is our typical process:

Step 1: We have a few mutual discussions over the phone or face to face meeting in Dubai. Our representative in Dubai will speak to you and can even visit you in a convenient place in Dubai. All your questions regarding Google AdWords, Google AdWords Partner program, our AdWords services etc will be clarified during these initial meetings

Step 2: Once we mutually agree to start managing your AdWords account, we will sign a MoU that states the services we offer.

Step 3: The next step is to pay our service fee. We will raise an invoice to you. You can transfer the payment to us through bank transfer or issue a cheque. We accept payments only through clear and legal channels.

Step 4: Next step is to make the payment to Google for the AdWords Ads. The payment has to be made in advance and should be paid to Google through a dashboard we introduce to you. If you are not comfortable making a payment directly to you or if it looks too complex to you to make a payment through an unfamiliar interface, don’t worry, Our agents will explain how to make a payment to Google. Our partner agencies in various locations in UAE will be able to assist you in making the payment. Or, just transfer the payment to us and we will pay it to Google towards your AdWords account.

Step 5: Once the payment is made to Google, we are ready to get started. We will understand all your business requirements and design creatives according to your specific requirements. If you are looking for only Google Search Ads or only Call ads, we will be able to get started on the same day. Your ads will be live within a few hours and you can enjoy the calls from the customers.

List of AdWords Partner Agencies in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other UAE regions

Here is a list of Google AdWords Partner agencies in various regions of UAE. This list may not be comprehensive and we may have missed out some of the Google Partners in UAE since Google doesn’t publish a full list of partner agencies anywhere.

1. Chain Reaction: A Certified Google Partner in Dubai and MENA: Chain Reaction is a Premier Google Partner in UAE, according to the badge displayed in their website. They have certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Youtube Advertising and Display Advertising

2. Traffic Digital: They are a certified Google Partner agency in Dubai, offering Digital Marketing and AdWords services to clients across the regions of UAE. Traffic Digital have certifications on Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Youtube Advertising and Display Advertising.

3. Leads Dubai: The company claims that they are a Premier Google Partner with the Premier badge on their homepage. However, their Partner profile shows they are a normal partner and not a Premier partner agency. Also, their partner profile on Google indicates they are specializing only on Search and Display Ads.

4. Be On Top: This is another digital marketing agency in UAE offering Google AdWords Management and optimisation services. Be On Top is a Premier AdWords Partner offering specialized services on Display, Mobile and Search Ads.

5. SA Marketing: The company has accumulated several years of specialised and niche experience in providing PPC management services exclusively for the Education industry and they do server clients in UAE. They do offer specialized Google Search Ad services, as per their AdWords Partner profile.

6. Nexa: It is a digital marketing agency in Dubai and have stated on their homepage’s title that they are a Google Partner agency. However, they don’t have any Google Partner badge displayed on their website. They may have removed the badge when they lost the Google Partner status. We don’t have a confirmed information regarding their Google Partner status.

7. Webcastle claims on their UAE website that they are a Google Partner Agency but their profile link on Google Partner (India) website is not working. This means may have lost their Google Partner status.

This list of Google Partner agencies in UAE is not a complete list. We have listed out the Google Partner agencies we could find out. If we missed any Google Partners in UAE, let us know by posting a comment below and we will be happy to update our list with all qualified Google Partners. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on Google Ads services to the business owners in UAE. With over a decade of experience in serving clients with our digital marketing services, SpiderWorks offers Google Ads services with specialization on Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. If you are not satisfied with your current AdWords agency, contact our digital marketing team in UAE and we will be happy to help you.

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