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Growing Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital Marketing techniques keep evolving over time. It is extremely necessary to keep up with these trends. A digital marketer’s purview does not end with doing the SEO, PPX, or UX branding; it has further moved into connecting the business profiles with social media planning and content automation and personalization, etc. Adapting to the new trends will help the business to boost its revenues and reach. 

Let’s take a look at the recent digital market trends which has to come to pace in 2022:

  1. AI In Marketing

The intrusion of artificial intelligence or AI into marketing trends is on the rise. AI has got a fair hand in setting certain social media content which is an algorithm that engages the user to the maximum extent. AI in marketing is a billion-dollar industry by the year 2025; digital marketers need to lay their groundwork on the same as soon as possible to excite their reputed clientele. AI helps programmers curate techniques that can help in sourcing out maximum benefit from the users. By adapting to AI in marketing, you can effectively bring down the costs, and increase efficiency and the uniqueness of the process.

  1. Non-Fungible Tokens

Experimenting with blockchain technology is the new adaption to the trends in 2022. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets you can trade. Each NFT owned by an individual has essential coding that denotes back to its owner. Brands are using NFTs to link communities and individuals and are also used as digital badges. Offering NFTs through raffles and such is now helping with the promotion of many international brands. The opportunities and room for are exponential concerning the use of NFT.

  1. Crypto

Decentralization of finance is the new trend in the digital world. Cryptocurrency has slowly evolved and made its own space in the world of finance. Businesses in the niche community in the USA have been accepting crypto as the new mode of payment. The Indian crowd is a little hesitant to get their hands on cryptocurrency as it is highly volatile. But universally crypto is gaining momentum and thereby a trend to which marketers have to give keen attention.

  1. Metaverse

Metaverse came into much more visibility when Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021. Metaverse directly denotes the world of augmented reality, holographic avatars, virtual reality, etc. A persistent environment with such elements means the future marketing trends will be entangled with the components of Metaverse. Incorporating metaverse into marketing strategies can open wide and more innovative avenues. This will also shift the performance metrics to another level. 

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  1. Livestream Commerce

Live streaming has been a stunning area where the brands used to connect with the crowd. China has already tapped into the enormous commercial advantages offered by live streaming. Livestream Commerce is where products are introduced to the public on live streaming, and the viewers can purchase their favorite products in the live stream itself. This cuts the chase to finding customers by infusing exorbitant prices of other marketing schemes.

  1. Supply Chain Buffering

Even with various advents concerning the delivery of products like real-time tracking, the issue of delayed delivery and supply chain issues have a direct effect on the customer experience. Infusing systems which can track the reorder level and align the marketing goals with warehouse capacity will help resolve this issue. This helps bridge the gap between the placement of orders by the customer and their delivery. 

  1. YouTube Ads

YouTube is slowly replacing the normal TV routine and attracting people to itself. The revenue YouTube has generated through its parents has increased by 46% from 2020. TV advertisers are now looking to collaborate more with YouTube channels so that they can increase their potential through direct-response ads and brand advertising. Digital marketing can route its advertising channels to YouTube, which now has a credible potential to replace many other sources.

  1. Tapping The Change in Consumer Perception

Consumer decision-making patterns have changed majorly due to social media usage. The customer's way of accepting and analyzing things changed to be more adventurous and bold. Now, the advertising campaign must be concerned with providing the correct answer at the right time. Consumers now demand transparency of the brand and its company before purchasing products. 

  1. Change In Organic Ranking Structure

Google has the largest market share when it comes to search engines and digital marketers now feel that Google is not playing a fair game when it comes to the organic ranking of content. Google is now giving more preference to its own ads and products, and the focus is moving more towards branded search. Customers are now focused on searching questions, and if the content is answer-based; then you have a fair chance of ranking better.

  1. Upskill The Digital Talents

To be the forefront runner in digital marketing, it is necessary to develop the existing level of knowledge or hire people who have been trained in the new age requirements. As the competition is quite intensive in this field, it is fitting to keep track of the new software and other amenities that come into being in the market. Linkedin Analysis can help inform the digital marketers of the knowledge and skills looked up by other employers. Gig workers are yet another option marketing agencies can look into when in need of a particular skill or talent; they needn’t be absorbed into the payroll; they can be hired for just one project or gig.

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