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How Chat GPT Will Affect SEO And Content Marketing?

ChatGPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI that has been launched to spruce up the fields of digital and content marketing.

Before getting into the hard facts on how it might be a competition for the digital and content marketing industries, let us first understand what ChatGPT really is.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was launched in a whirlwind, and as per the CEO's reports, it has gained over 1 million users in five days. This is something really huge and commendable. 

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is designed to produce human-like text and has a large data set that can provide answers to almost any question. The use of ChatGPT has brought about a different perspective on how industries perceive content, and in a few steps, they are able to create blog posts, and the chatbot even goes to the extent of giving clarity to the technical SEO.

Most people around the world have started testing the elements of prospects and the extent to which they can use ChatGPT to their advantage.

Now, let us further look into how it can impact SEO, Content Marketing, and other relevant areas in the digital marketing world.

ChatGPT effects on Technical SEO

As far as technical SEO is concerned, ChatGPT can be used to optimize websites. They could help make the entire website far easier and more structured.

Navigation through the website is one of the most important points to keep in mind when a website is created. The SEO strategists manually review the website and confirm whether it is compatible with the way Google can crawl it and help it rank. This process of site navigation can now be easily done with the help of this AI-powered tool.

ChatGPT can help with site navigation and easily arrange the website according to the hierarchy desired by the user. The AI tool's recommendations cannot be taken at face value, at least for the time being, because an SEO professional must still manually review sites to make changes and determine whether the AI recommendations are correct.

ChatGPT also interferes with the process of content creation, especially when it comes to SEO blog posts. The site can generate content according to the keywords that you want your blogs to organically rank for. While this appears to be a quick and easy way to create content with a few clicks, it is a risky practice with the potential for half-hearted and generic content.

The next reason why it is not ideal to generate blog posts in such a way is that Google understands the difference between creative and original content and AI-generated content. This makes sure that the organic rankings of the website may get affected and also results in a penalty for using AI-generated content.

The AI tool is also coming up with a way to watermark the content produced by it, which will make it more obvious that the content is AI-generated and make it easier for Google to recognize the same. These watermarks will be hard to remove as it will be embedded in the content itself. The originality and creativity of content creation by ChatGPT are not very good, and chances of more duplicate content and plagiarism are on the rise. 

GPT- 3 Effect on Content and Digital Marketing 

ChatGPT has a lot of potentials to be explored when it comes to making its presence felt in the content and digital marketing worlds. The ChatGPT can now provide an outline to create content, but it still needs competent content writers and strategists to further move the content.

The ChatGPT can help with the creation of video blog scripts, content titles, research facilitation, and content subtitle creation. This is just a sample of the options that have been investigated; more may be added in the future as AI tools investigate new ways to help them expand. 

ChatGPT can also be used to conduct research and assist with ad copy and campaigns. The extent to which they can give information on ranking keywords and their volume can be far more rapid than manual report-making. This can help content writers and copywriters find their target keywords more easily.

ChatGPT can quickly create ad campaigns, but the quality of those campaigns can be questionable under certain conditions. When using ChatGPT instead of copywriters, the AI tool may be unable to adapt to the flair and uniqueness that copywriters can provide, and the possibility that it may not serve the target audience specifically is another cause for concern.

Google has not yet recognized ChatGPT content as being of the highest quality due to limitations, and the possibility of rising duplicate content is not something we can overlook.

ChatGPT can definitely help, but it cannot yet replace the talent of a good content writer or creator. And if you like to find out if some content is AI or ChatGPT generated, you can use AI content detection tools like  

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How AI Tools Can Become a Bane and Not a Boon?

Creating content and adapting to new strategies with these shiny new AI tools can help generate a lot of excitement in the initial few days, but keeping up with spirit and vigour can easily die down in a short while.

Given the current situation and the breadth of the services offered by AI tools, it is only a matter of time before there is a plethora of similar content on the web that begins to affect SEO. The content becomes less diverse and less inclusive.

AI-generated SEO strategies and the content will start losing their authenticity, uniqueness, and originality. There will be no significant influx of new ideas, and the world will begin to revolve around the same nuances of ideas over and over again.

In the wake of these newly supported AI tools, Google has made relevant changes in how content should be helpful, and this update shows that depending completely on AI tools will not help in producing helpful content for users.

Good writers and strategists aren’t going to be affected by this current turn of events. Make time and understand how to be indispensable and be ahead of the game.

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