UAE is emerging as one of the most competent and lucrative places for setting up modern-day businesses. This is because of the recent shift from traditional oil and other trades and a shift towards modern technological businesses. In fact, many SMBs and start-ups have emerged in recent years that cater to the digitization of the traditional businesses and business processes as well. Further, many foreign countries and investors from these countries are setting up businesses in the major cities of the UAE. For all these investors, businessmen and countries, the ‘business setup consultants Dubai’ are the best resort for all kinds of assistance required such as documentation, licensing, registration, obtaining resources and manpower, establishing the office in Free Zone or Mainland and lots of other such areas. 

This recent shift in business and trading has led to the establishment of many companies offering business setup services in UAE. There is a bevy of people that offer amazing services, products, support and consultation of all kinds so as to help the new businessmen start their ventures with as much less hassle as possible. Further, the companies offering business setup services are well-versed with the latest policies, regulations, and rules governing businesses and the trading sector in UAE. They also understand the customer markets and the ways to target them in a proper manner. They can also help the new businessmen to grab the markets and make their roots stronger. Further, the services offered by these companies and agencies offering business setup services in UAE are much more affordable as compared to the special case studies and market studies done by international agencies. So, they can fit inside all kinds of budgets and are of much consequence to the ventures with a limited or restricted budget.

Best Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Well, having developed an idea about the services and efficacy of the business setup consultants Dubai, let us move ahead. We have compiled a list of the top ten business setup consultants in UAE that have helped hundreds of clients; have received impressive reviews and offer lucrative service portfolios. All the names mentioned below offer quality services and are some of the most reliable names in the business setup consulting sector. So, read the list and pick the one that suits your preferences for getting the best consultation for starting your business in UAE.

  1. Kiltons Business Setup Services
    Kiltons is a leading business setup consulting firm in Dubai that offers its services all over the UAE. The company has been recognized as one of the best companies for business setup consulting in UAE. The company is also credited with being the first company that facilitated an easy to use credit card payment system for the sole purpose of business establishment. Apart from offering consulting services for business setup in UAE, the company also offers many other impressive services such as corporate branding, accounting, and marketing, etc.
    Kiltons Business Setup Services cater to the following areas:

    • Mainland Company Formation
    • Offshore Company Formation
    • Free Zone Company Formation
    • Virtual Office
    • Professional License
    • Industrial License
    • Commercial License
    • UAE National Sponsorship 

    All the services and consulting aids offered by Kiltons are certified, as per the local laws and regulations and completely trustworthy. The company has as an incredible service portfolio that comprises of the following notable services:

    • Advertising & Marketing
    • ISO Certification
    • Certificates Attestation
    • DED
    • Trademark Registration
    • Corporate Branding
    • Special Approvals
    • Recruitments
    • Auditing and Bookkeeping

    So, Kiltons is a one-point-solution for all kinds of business setup services and consulting that is the best choice for all kinds of business venture

  2. Aurion Business Consultants
    Aurion Business Consultants is yet another reputed name among the business setup consultants Dubai. The company has an expert team of talented professionals offering business setup services in Freezone, Mainland and Offshore areas all over the UAE. As far as the stats are concerned, the company has helped more than 4500 companies from more than 80 countries to start their operations since its inception in the past decade. The company offers a wide range of services such as setting up business setup in Dubai and all the other UAE Freezones jurisdiction; legal documentation for business establishment; PRO Services for Visa and Bank Account Opening etc. Some of the most notable services offered by the Aurion Business Consultants are as follows:

    • Offshore Company in UAE
    •  Freezone Company Registration in UAE
    •  Mainland Company / LLC Registration
    •  PRO Services in UAE
    •  Visa Assistance in UAE
    •  Freezone Company Liquidation
    •  Closing Company in Dubai
    •  Warehouse in UAE
    •  Trademark Registration in UAE
    •  Will Registration in UAE
    •  ISO Certification / Consulting
    •  Knowledge Management Services
    •  Corporate Identity
    •  Accounting
    •  Bank Account in UAE
    •  Value-Added Tax / VAT
  3. Riz & Mona Consultancy
    Coming next in the list is Riz & Mona Consultancy which is also a distinguished firm offering business setup services in UAE. The company also offers a free consultation to get an overall idea about their services and packages or plans they offer. The businessmen can choose from these plans depending on their requirements and budget. The company also has a sterling resume and has helped more than 1600 clients to establish their business setups in the past 15 years. The service portfolio is impressive, rich and full of options and some of the most notable services are:

    • Company formation in the Mainland, Freezone and Offshore areas
    • Product Registration (Cosmetics, Food Products and Health Products)
    • Ministry of Health Product Registration
    • Business Support Services such as:
    • Bank Account Opening
    • Trademark Registration 
    • Company Liquidation 
    • Local Sponsors 
    • PRO Services 
    • Trade license
    • Visa Services
    • Special Business Licenses in Dubai
    • Bookkeeping Accounting Services
    • VAT Consultancy Service in Dubai
    • Translation Services in Dubai
    • Custom Code Registration
    • Attestation Services
  4. JUMEIRA Consultants
    JUMEIRA Consultants offers business setup consulting in UAE and GCC countries. The business setup services are offered in Mainland, Free zone and Offshore areas. Apart from the generic services, the company also offers services for various types of Tax Certificates as well. Other notable services offered by JUMEIRA Consultants are:

    • Business Liquidation
    • LLC Dubai
    • BVI Registered Agent
    • Investment Opportunities in Dubai
    • Company Liquidation Services
    • Tax Residency Certificate
    • Company Liquidation
    • Trade License
    • Investment Opportunity
  5. Shuraa
    Shuraa is one of those business setup consultants Dubai that is perfect for people with a medium budget. The company can help you establish your business for as low as AED 29500 as per the claim on their official website. You can choose from among the many packages offered by Shuraa in different parts of UAE depending on the services you require and the budget you have.Some of the most notable services offered by the company are:

    • Business Licenses such as Commercial, Industrial, Tourism and Professional License
    • PRO Services
    • Bank Assistant
    • Business Activities
    • Business Consulting
    • Sponsorship and Investor’s Right Protection
    • VAT & Accounting
    • Offices for Rent
    • Business Centres
    • Smart Desk
  6. BSC
    BSC is yet another reliable name among the fraternity of companies offering business setup services in UAE. The company also offers a free consultation to all the business people requiring assistance and information. The company offers Budget, Platinum and VIP Services comprising the following:

    • Referral to our panel of business partners
    • License Processing
    • PO BOX Setup
    • Company Stamp
    • 250 Business Cards Printing and Design (from pre-selected templates)
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Assistance with setting up a company bank account
    • Employee Visa Processing through our PRO
    • Domain name registration
    • An additional set of business cards (250)
    • Website hosting, splash page (from preselected templates) and unlimited email account
    • Letterhead, envelope (A4 + DL) design
    • Escorted Medical and Emirates ID for employees
  7. CommitBiz
    This company also offers budget services for all kinds of business setups in UAE. From local sponsors to VAT services; from asset management services to offices for rent; and from Tax related services to PRO services – CommitBiz offers a service portfolio with a wide range of services.
  8. NEX Consultants
    NEX Consultants offers all kinds of services related to business setups for people with small to medium budgets. So, it is perfect for people opening start-ups and SMBs. Some of the most notable services offered by NEX Consultants are:

    • Company Formation
    • Bank Account Opening
    • Accounting and Auditing
    • Offshore Company Formation
    • Company Liquidation
    • UAE Tax Residence Certificate
  9. Farahat & Co
    Farahat & Co is another notable name among the companies offering business setup services in UAE. Apart from offering business setup services in Mainland, Freezone and Offshore areas, the company also offers HR outsourcing, Trademark Services, Payroll Outsourcing Service, setting up of local and foreign branches and lots more. The company has an experience of more than 30 years in which it has received more than 120 awards and has served more than 30000 clients by helping them with more than 10000 start-ups and businesses.
  10. Business Link UAE
    Coming to the last name in the list of top ten business setup consultants in UAE, we have Business Link UAE. The company offers a wide range of service in:

    • Company formation in Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore areas

    Business solutions, such as

    • VAT and Bookkeeping
    • Company liquidation
    • Product Registration in Dubai
    • Professional Business Email
    • Trademark Registration n Dubai
    •  Bank Account opening
    • Business Setup Packages

    Other services offered by the company are:

    • Legal Typing and Attestation
    • Virtual Office Setup
    • UAE Local Sponsor
    • PRO Services
    • Subsidiary Company Setup in Dubai
    • UAE Visa Services
    • Branch Office Setup etc

    This completes the list of the top ten companies in UAE offering business setup services. Now that you have all the required information, choose the one that suits your business requirements and budget and give a perfect head-start to your business.