In the entire realm of marketing, perhaps one of the biggest jargons to bust is the word ‘branding’. Although you may have heard companies and marketing experts speaking of this word repeatedly on all occasions, yet chances are you have no clue about what ‘branding’ means and the ideal ways it should be done.

The difference between branding and marketing is that while marketing is oriented towards pushing potential buyers to buy what you’re offering, branding is a process through which your customers get pulled towards your products and services and do not require the pushing anymore. This means that once you have successfully built your brand, you can cut short on your marketing expenditure. Branding is important especially for companies which have a long drawn series of goals that they plan to achieve over years. While you can market a product in a day or a week, branding is a long process, which requires not only significant amounts of time but also personnel and in that, it is a tedious process.
Branding or brand building is the process which aims to freeze the message of your company (read brand) in the minds of the consumer so that they have a clear understanding of why they should remain inclined towards the product you sell. For instance, in terms of the automobile market in India, Maruti Suzuki has approximately 50% market share. This was achieved only because the company promoted its brand as an image which constantly reflects in the minds of people – Having a Maruti Suzuki car would therefore mean easy services across the country, both at company’s workshop as well as any local mechanic. You can get the parts easily and can always depend on your vehicle for economy. Another very good example of branding would be Cadbury, which has frozen the idea in the minds of its consumers that chewing on Cadbury is synonymous to experiencing endless joys. At the same time, Apple has created a brand which has outlasted almost all its competitors and simply put, the brand speaks of simplicity, reliability, value for money and long lasting experience and constant support from the company.
By far you would have understood what branding is more or less about. As a digital market agency in UAE, our understanding of branding is the process of image building for a company in the minds of the consumer achieved by constant communication and interaction with the target. It is a systematic process which requires patience from our clients and not just a spendthrift attitude. Shelling out any amounts of money will never get you close to your goals if the attitude with which you approach them and the roads you have taken are not proper. This is where our experience in the UAE market comes and we believe that although the lot of branding today is done over the Internet, one cannot simply ignore the physical world because a lot of marketing elements remain the same across the physical and the digital platforms, such as the logo and the name of the company.

Branding is important to separate the wheat (you) from the chaff (your competitors). We work closely with our clients in outlining points of difference in the modus operandi and professional habits of the brand we are to build. Once success in branding has been achieved, less attention needs to be paid over ‘controlling’ what is said about your company/brand over the digital or physical spaces. The importance of branding is also realize in conversions – Although a simple ad can get a potential buyer to your website, chances are they might not buy. Branding is the bridge between landing and conversion and hence, must not be ignored. Through constant communication, consistency and dedication in sending across the message and ethos of the company to the buyer, successful branding, we believe, can be achieved in the UAE and elsewhere. Reach out to us for a quote and timeline here.

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