Businesses across the world are splurging on SEO, digital marketing and whatnot. Then there is also a significant budget kept aside for printing materials such as the brochures, flyers and business cards. However, little attention is paid to the importance of the letterhead which is often left out amidst the other collateral printing material of a company. If you are looking for letterhead designing in UAE, contact us today. We serve letterhead designing services in all major regions of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

It is common that we come across top-notch letterheads from big companies. The reason why they place a lot of attention while designing elegant letterheads is that these are not just some more pieces of paper that goes into the dustbin or are used to take down notes. They may be used as part of important transactions, along with the common seal of the company or the signatures of important personnel. Letterheads are used in designing certificates, writing important letters and whatnot.


A greatly designed letterhead becomes the part of a company’s marketing efforts and helps it come across outstandingly and helps in creating the first impression about the company to whoever that receives a letterhead. A carefully designed letterhead speaks of competence, elegance as well as acute professionalism. Clients are more likely to pay attention to well-crafted letterheads than to plain papers which look like everything else you see every day.

As an agency, we believe that designing letterheads is a mixture of three things – looks, material and placement. When we speak of looks, we are talking about the logo of the company and the fonts used to mention the address of the company. Whether the letterhead needs to be colorful and energetic or plain yet powerful. To speak of the material, whether to use simple A4 sheets of use bond papers for letterheads is an important consideration because it has an impact on the costs of printing such letterheads. The quality of the paper is no less important. And by placement we refer to the exact positioning of the contents i.e. the logo and the text on the letterhead. Hire the right creative team for the job and you’ll have a letterhead which is no less of an eye-candy than your business cards. Try us out here!