Video Advertising Agency in Dubai

It is no myth that we have more viewers than readers. Today, in the battle between text and video, the video is constantly beating the text. The reason is simple – it is the same reason why you love watching a movie, perhaps over reading a new novel even by a bestselling author. In case of books or text, the reader has to constantly indulge himself in actively moving his eyeballs to read the words and at the same time, comprehend the meaning between them. While in the case of videos, all you have to do is sit tight, watch and listen. It is the job of the video creation team to make it worthwhile for you. You do not have to burn extra energy in comprehending the meaning of the content you watch each second – it’s all tailormade right from the start


Today, the number of people turning to videos for information is like never before. If on a fine Sunday afternoon, you were to indulge in some DIY, you are surely more likely to turn up to YouTube than read an article about it. For the same reason, companies are turning to video product descriptions over texts. What can be achieved in a routine 4 minute video will probably take a reader not less than 10 minutes. Videos are quick, easy and not time consuming for the viewers.



In the past, our engagements with our clients has been more towards building up the core idea behind a video ad and moulding it to attract the target. What matters not is the idea, what matters in the video market is its execution. A beautiful video with a clear idea can give your product a viewership of millions within days, while achieving the same would take no less than a month or sometimes even years.