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Of late, talking of online advertisement could only mean one of the three things to you in all probability – Google, Facebook or one-to-one contracts. While Google has nearly over 30% market share in the ads market, Facebook had a little over 15%. But recently, there seems to be growing a third power ready to give a hard time to both these mammoths of the ad industry. It’s called Amazon.

As much shocking it might feel to know that Amazon does ads, if you have a business, you might in the near future be compelled to prioritize Amazon over both Google and Facebook. Amazon is the living proof of perseverance and the policy of growth over profit. For years did Jeff Bezos sideline profits for the sake of growth and now, it’s paying handsomely. Bezos and Company have realized that they have an immense potential to grow beyond just selling products online. Of late, they came up with Amazon Alexa, a cloud-based voice-service, something like Siri. Although we speculate that Amazon might make Alexa open for marketing purposes, we cannot confirm this. What we can rather confirm is that Amazon is looking forward to get its piece of flesh from the ads market. And why will it flourish?

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The answer is simple. With Facebook and Google, people are redirected to your website, a website which is new to them, alien and strange. Interested people will read product descriptions on your website and then ‘maybe’ buy them. But with Amazon, you don’t need to redirect them to your website. Advertising on Amazon would mean you can make your target audience directly look up your product on Amazon itself and maybe, buy it right away. In this way, Amazon has a lead over both Facebook as well as Google due to the huge data it has about consumer preferences and product descriptions. We advise our clients on how and how much to spend with Amazon ads and obtain optimum results by narrowing down the service of ads to the right target. Shoot a mail to know more.

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