Facebook Brand Management

Buying a car and maintaining it in good shape are two different things. The same goes for introducing your brand on Facebook by creating a Facebook page for it (say) and maintaining the same. Just like a mere sapling won’t lead into a healthy tree unless taken care of properly, a commercial Facebook page if not managed well is no good to the brand.

We work side by side with our clients to ensure that their Facebook marketing objectives are fulfilled. Brand Management on Facebook demands that the page of a client’s brand should remain clean in all forms. As Facebook page managers, it is our job to ensure that not only people engage with our clients’ brands on an everyday basis, we are also obligated to make sure that there is no such content on the client’s Facebook page which seems to be maligning the image of the client’s brand or is obnoxious in nature. Although the presence of such posts or comments can be easily taken care of by a few tweaks in settings, we do not prefer killing the overall space of Likers in expressing their comments.

All of this, together with intelligent use of Analytics and Reach can give wonderful results. We are of the opinion that only through clever brand management can Facebook be used to increase conversion rates. Brand management is the job that digital marketing agencies seldom like to take up. However, at SpiderWorks UAE we believe in supporting growing businesses to the best of our ability and therefore, focus on how to use Facebook to ensure that our clients reach their first 5000 Likes as soon as possible. Coupled with SEO techniques, analytics and creative marketing campaigns, Facebook brand management is the answer to poor engagement of Likers with your brands. Reach out to us in case you’re struggling with whatever we just mentioned.

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