Facebook Lead Campaigns

Ordinary advertisements may be effective and expensive for your commercial concern because there are several stages involved from the point that people become aware of your brand to when they finally make a purchase from you and involves sending off people to an external website. And, plus, if you’ve ever used Google AdWords for the purposes of advertisement, you would know that the biggest drawback in spending on online ads is that as soon as the potential buyer clicks on an ad, your money goes in the hands of Google whether or not the person who made it to your website finally makes a purchase or not. And as users of the Internet we all understand that we barely buy even after making it to the advertisers website.

However, at SpiderWorks UAE we advise our clients to rather go for something which is more convenient both for the advertiser as well as the customer. It’s called Facebook Lead Ads. Another reason why we suggest this to our clients is because the ball is in the client’s court with lead ads. Now what are these? Well basically, lead ads are called so because they truly lead you to your consumers. They basically come up with the facility to allow consumers feed in their personal details in a form which when they submit, our clients get their contact details. Then, it is the advertiser’s job to have their best representatives to contact these people and convert them into buyers.

In short, your Facebook lead ads do half the job your CRM is going to do or say, it gives your CRM the right kind of input. However, what  clients do not realize is that although lead ads lead you straight to the ‘actual’ people intending to know more about your products, selecting the right target audience for the campaign is no less a challenge and that is where we come in – as analyzers of the UAE consumer trends. Our associates devote themselves to picking out the right kind of target so that our clients generate maximum ROI against their facebook ad spending. If you want us to advise you on how to spend on FB lead ads, go straight ahead and shoot us an email stating your current budget.

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