Facebook Likes

Everything has a basic building block. With Facebook, it is Likes. When someone likes a page or a post, it means that they give their social and public approval to something, that they stand with what they have Liked. This is the reason why Facebook Likes are the most powerful tool to gain commercial success through Facebook.

At SpiderWorks UAE, we believe that the first target of every commercial concern on Facebook should be to reach a minimum goal first, and ideally it should be 5000 Likes. We constantly remind our clients that if one wishes to achieve commercial success through Facebook, creating awareness of one’s brands, of which Facebook Likes is the straightforward proof should be the first step. The reason Likes are important is that Likers mean social approval and Pages do not have friends, only people have. When a friend Likes something, it shows on their News Feed too, thereby acting as a motivating factor.

We believe that the key for our clients as part of our Facebook campaigns in UAE has been to engage through constant conversations and not through mere broadcasting of news or views. And this can be achieved by posting creative content which can hook people to your brand, making posts that invite comments, organizing contests or giveaways and so on. In the past, as Facebook Page Managers, we have constantly focused on ensuring that the immediate result of the campaigns we run for our clients should be to engage them and compel them to put up their views about the content originally posted. Because something not having Likes or Comments on Facebook is almost synonymous to it being unpopular.

Facebook Likes are that crucial ladder in Facebook Digital Marketing that every concern has to climb. Although clients sometimes come up with the idea of buying Facebook Likes, we strongly advise them against it because be it UAE or elsewhere, Likes which are bought hamper the very ‘organic’ nature of the Likes and thereby reduces the reach of the contents posted by any page. Reach out to us and allow us to be creative to amplify your reach on Facebook.

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