Google PPC Advertising 

If you have kept aside for your business a fund you want to invest to advertise online, chances are that the first thing you might want to try is Google PPC Advertising. Google by far, is the most reliable way to advertise online. When comparing Pay Per Click with SEO, often some would argue that SEO is better as it yields better results. However, that remains debatable. It is only a myth that doing SEO is free while PPC would require you a lot of fund to invest. SEO requires you a team of no less than 5-7 people who must constantly work to create and optimize content and that, undoubtedly, would require funds. The question is, within a given budget, which will give you better results?

Google Ad is what has been fueling Google’s coffers with about 97% revenue. And damn, it’s reliable. The biggest advantage with Google Ad is it gives results immediately. Given the right amount of budget pushed in, and the right target audience chosen, PPC will start giving you results from the first day itself, while SEO takes time, sometimes months and years. 

In the past, our role in the UAE as an agency has been to help our clients use the fruits of Google’s analytics in analyzing the result post the advertisement campaign as well as designing the very PPC campaign from scratch, in its entirety. Over the years, having worked with hundreds of clients whom we advised on how to invest in PPC, we’ve come close to having mastered it. Right from outlining the objectives of the campaign, to shortlisting the right keywords, finding out the right target and the right budget to be shoved in, we do it all for our clients. We’d love to be the part of our Google Ads Management. Write to us with your PPC budget to help us give you a free quote.

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