Digital marketing aims at using the digital space, that is mainly the web, to target potential buyers in a highly convincing way such that they finally end up converting as buyers. However, the digital marketing space today is of a nature that does not create any bounds for digital marketing. While until recently, Google was the God of digital marketing, today, it doesn’t matter which medium you choose to target your audience. Hell, if it’s Internet Radio which you can use to drive consumers to buy your products or services, why not. Apart from the conventional text-posts, what several large business concerns are focusing is tapping resources like Instagram

We all know how we are more hooked to photos and videos as compared to blocks of text. To speak of stats, Instagram has a better organic reach and engagement rate as compared to even Facebook. As part of our experience with the UAE market, we’ve realized that consumers in UAE are pretty active on Instagram. Which is why Instagram remains one of our most favorite avenues where we ask our clients to spend.

Per our understanding, the role of agency like ours in Dubai is clearly realized at several levels. Not only do we work closely with our clients in designing the creative content that’s supposed to go on their Instagram profile, we play an integral role in designing the profile itself. Then the fact that one cannot expect a commercially successful campaign on Instagram by uploading random stuff every day. It’s the role of the agency to determine the right kind of theme to which all uploads must subscribe. The universal thumb rule for digital marketing of engagement and not broadcasting holds good for Instagram as well. Shoot us an email for a quick quote before you hire us for the long haul.

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