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The Internet today is flooded with content that provides you shortcuts to things that ordinary take too much effort. Digital or online marketing is one such thing. Going through most resources available on the Internet would lead you to accept that almost all of them are constantly trying to make you believe that there is no need to spend a penny in order to market yourself online. They’ll constantly tell you that you must try to engage yourself in marketing yourself ‘smartly’ (read ‘without spending a buck’). But is that really true?

Firstly, since you’re wanting to avail online marketing services, chances are high you own a business, which would mean you can possibly dedicate some amount of money for advertisements. And given you’re ready, we’ll make you realize in this article that spending money on online ads can be healthy for your business. First, the immediate target you have in your head is to receive more than you invest. And this is something that businesses are able to achieve. So there’s no question why you can’t.

The biggest advantage with online advertisements is that they are damn quick and precise and you know for sure that you’re advertising to active people willing to invest. Recent trends show that more and more people are turning to the Internet for services which they availed previously through other media. As a result, people are spending much lesser times on their TV sets and are turning to portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime for their video entertainment. You’ve got ads on games and other apps you download from the Apple App Store of Google Play Store. You’ve got ads on the Internet everywhere. Clearly, the TV doesn’t dominate the advertisement business anymore. It’s being replaced collectively by a horde of media. Gone are the days when you had to worry about the number of people out there on the Internet. Like they say, times are changing.

Today, the online advertisement business in itself is a huge industry. Channels which run ads are toiling hard to make it worth every penny for those who invest. You’re provided with facilities to analyse the effect of every penny you put into the advertisement machinery. With smart analytics available with advertisement facilitators like Google and the likes, you get to know every bit about the leads generated, the time every person spend with your ads, the time people spent after they landed on to the website of your business and everything associated. Plus, the biggest difference between online and physical advertisement (and the TV) is that you can select your target smartly. Spending on huge billboards, distributing pamphlets or spending on TV ads never ensured that you are advertising to people who can buy. They were advertising to everyone out there. For instance, advertising about sanitary pads to a 7 year old boy trying to watch soccer on TV wouldn’t make sense.

But with online advertisements, creating brand awareness is systematic, time consuming and worth every penny. In the past, across several deals did we have to guide our clients on how to invest in online advertising. We follow a three tier approach. First, we list out the objectives we seek to accomplish through our advertising campaign. Secondly, we decide whether the target audience required for the fulfilment of the given objectives spend a significant amount of their time online? If yes, then at the last we begin with the sketch of the online advertisement campaign for our clients. This is followed by a constant stream of analysis efforts made to measure the amount of returns for the investment made by our clients. If you seek help to promote your brand through online marketing in UAE without making blunders with ad agencies, shoot us an email right now.

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