SnapChat Marketing Agency in Dubai

There are platforms that allow businesses to connect with users of all kinds and age. Most of these platforms are best to share pretty serious stuff. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are most often used by businesses to share what’s going on in their offices or share something informative. But the digital marketing space today has moved beyond Facebook, Google and Twitter. There’s so much more going on every day in this industry that businesses are compelled to keep up.

Of late, at SpiderWorks UAE we found out that there is a medium for digital marketing with immense potential but remains a majorly untapped resource – the name is SnapChat. That’s right, a regular chat application with built in features that allow you to be funny is the next best thing in the realm of digital marketing industry. The biggest advantage with SnapChat is that most people using it are technologically sound and know what they’re playing with. SnapChat is full of young users and people who watch and learn.

In the last few months, we have developed some ridiculously creative ways to increase the reach of our clients’ brands to the right targeted audience. Besides running campaigns involving distribution of free coupon codes and giveaway contents, we’ve discovered that the reason why SnapChat is luring youngsters like anything is also the reason behind its amazing conversion rates – posts or videos shared on SnapChat are not permanent and simply vanish within 24 hours. It means that if and when users engage with your brand on SnapChat, if they like you, they’re going to ‘alert’ themselves whenever they have an update about you. Besides, for some of our clients, we sponsored Lenses, the full of fun filters which users used while clicking pictures and thereby creating a cycle of marketing our clients’ brands. And for clients with huge budgets, deploying some shrewd analytics to call for some sexy ads has never hurt anyone. Reach out to us for innovative ways to promote your brand through SnapChat!

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