Twitter Marketing UAE 

Although Google and Facebook might be the first platforms that clients look forward to as the best platforms for digital marketing, Twitter cannot be ignored. Twitter is a micro blogging site where users post distinct, and probably disconnected posts which are very small in size as compared to Facebook posts which are not limited by characters.

We advise our clients that in order to have a rewarding digital marketing experience on Twitter, the first step that they must take is to create a holistic, complete profile on Twitter so that Twitter users are introduced about their brands in advance and also get the option to explore further. The creation of a complete profile is just a beginning which we ensure is followed by a series of regular tweets. While managing our clients’ Twitter profile, we ensure that not a single Tweet concerning our clients’ brands go unnoticed.

Note must be taken that Twitter works very differently than platforms like Facebook. While Facebook can be used to simply broadcast information and increase conversion, Twitter is based on the principles of reciprocity. Based on this, we prefer that besides keeping a regular flow of really entertaining creative Tweets, we reply and retweet posts by Twitter users about our clients’ brands. In order to achieve maximum followership on Twitter, it is imperative that we start out by deploying efficient analytical skills and decide who is to be followed.

Of late, we have been focusing with respect to our clients’ campaigns on Twitter on what is known as Influencers. Follow and engage with people who exert considerable influence on their followers and when they Tweet about you, you’re sure to be rewarded. The thumb rule for success over Twitter is to be smart, post smart and show perseverance.