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Whatsapp Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

One of the biggest untapped resources in the digital marketing industry is chat apps. The reason why agencies across the world tend to keep away from chat apps like Whatsapp is that you can never be sure that your campaigns have access to the audience you want to target as part of the campaign. Being a chat application, people on Whatsapp communicate with friends and family and it is not possible for businesses across to penetrate this barrier.

We realize that at the core of applications such as Whatsapp is the friendly touch people share with those who communicate.

So, for one of our clients, we created a mascot and shared with people the Whatsapp number of the mascot. Personnel was dedicated to address the queries of those who texted the mascot to enquire or order. The key to discover unprecedented success through Whatsapp is to communicate and not sell. By way of effective communication on Whatsapp, we were able to reach out to about 60,000 people in less than a year and that also without any special investment in the nature of ads. What we were engaging with was real organic traffic, which was inquisitive and wanted to explore.

However, in the past we have used several ways to use Whatsapp for digital marketing purposes.

In another case, we used Whatsapp to conduct a research which one of our clients wanted us to do. This research which was in the nature of a survey helped them remain assured that they were looking at real people.

Better Customer Engagement with WhatsApp

As the use of smartphones are increasing enormously, you can communicate and associate with your customers and clients, and generate leads for your business. With WhatsApp marketing, you can create the entire marketing campaign engaging by sharing exciting images and videos.

WhatsApp for Advertising and Promotions

WhatsApp is a resplendent tool can be used for endorsing your product discounts and trends. By sharing creative and enchanting posters for promotion and advertising you can snatch the attention of your customers.

Assist in Building the Most Use of Mobile CRM

By using WhatsApp a free messaging platform you can maintain the follow-ups and close the deal by interacting with team members. A resplendent tool, WhatsApp can provide marketing as well as effectual business if used exceptionally for every organization.

Team Structuring

WhatsApp can be utilized to have fine communications with each employees by crafting specific groups. Whether it is a significant quick update regarding a specific assignment, or any message for maintaining high spirit among your team members, WhatsApp will put together easily.

Positioning your Brand

While conversing with customers, you can be aware of what they want from your business, and thus can outline your marketing communications. When you respond to your customers’, they will be delighted that their queries have been answered in real time.

Marketing Survey through WhatsApp

Today, WhatsApp is one of the best instruments to organize people for a cause or for an event.

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