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6 Strategies to Conquer your Social Media Campaigns in the UAE

Twenty years back, marketing was not a grinding task as it is today. The reason was the limited number of medium to market. The sole places were newspapers and television and perhaps radio which is a passive medium. But today with the advent and increasing popularity of social media channels, marketing has taken a sharp turn. As new platforms emerged, the attention of people got scattered. Now there are several platforms but less attention which makes it a challenging task. If you own a business in the UAE and want to run a successful campaign here are six strategies you can adopt.

1. Leverage existing platforms instead of trying new ones

Instead of starting campaigns and building an audience on new platforms, it is always better to leverage the existing platforms to the maximum. Instead of trying to build a new audience base, try if you can make the existing audience interact and engage with the posts.  Be consistent in the existing platforms. Post frequently, engage with the audience, interact with them, identify their interests, and rise up to it. Taking off to try new platforms will only cause the weakening of the existing audience. You won’t be able to do justice to any of the platforms. So make one work and then if necessary take on the others.

2. Involve your audience

Try to involve your audience to the maximum. Create posts that talk with them. Make it conversational. Ensure your posts are meant for the people and not for the platform. Do story posts, create polls, ask questions and interact. If you aren’t writing for the audience, don’t expect them to interact with you. So make sure all the posts are relatable to the audience. Try to make it simple but engaging. Ask them to share posts and reshare it in your profile. Ask them to post reviews and appreciate it when they take the time to do it. Try to know their interests and what they expect from you and try to deliver the same to them. These are the hacks to maintain loyal customers and there is nothing more valuable than a set of loyal customers.

3. Collaborate with other businesses

The best way to grab the attention of people is to do collaborations. Join hands with other popular brands or influencers and promote your products. These days, influencer marketing is gaining momentum. Pick a trending influencer with huge followers and ask them to promote your product. It can reach a large bandwidth and can help you get more traffic and make more business happen. Be very sure that the influencer is authentic and is considered reliable by the followers. It is better to avoid any collaborations that can be controversial or can affect the company adversely.

4. Be with the trend

You should always have an eye for the trending subject in social media. If you cannot monitor, hire a social media specialist and ask them to keep an eye on every trend. Create posts that are in tune with the trend. Such posts usually reach a larger audience and can drive more people into your account. Whether it be videos or static posts, never miss a chance. Posting the right thing at the right time is the key to nailing social media.

5. Customer experience

Shopping is not just an expression of the customer’s interest in the product. The bigger picture needs to be considered. It is a reflection of a large amount of trust the customer places upon the brand. They have liked, trusted, and found the brand reliable which is why they are your customer. If they happen to have any type of negative experience, then it is enough to damage your reputation. Always remember that customers are the biggest campaign you can ever launch. So make sure it is good. Make shopping a seamless process and be timely in your interactions with them. In case of a faulty product or bad experience, own up to it and make sure you put a bandage over it. If not, customers can take the space and run a campaign visibly against you. Remember that social media is everyone’s land.

6. Never violate traditions

The UAE is rather sensitive when it comes to its traditions, culture, ethics, and values. When you are doing a campaign on social media, make sure you are violating none of it. Even though the UAE is an amalgamation of people from different countries, the traditions and values should be respected. Your campaign shouldn’t hurt anybody’s values or beliefs. If it did, an entire community can turn against you and it won’t do you or your business any good. To be known is one thing, but to be known for the wrong reasons, is just another. So avoid that and always be inclusive and kind in your content and campaigns.

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