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Lost access to Facebook Business Manager – How to recover?

As a leading digital marketing agency for 15+ years, we have received numerous requests from concerned parties to help them recover access to their Business Manager on Facebook. People lose access to Business Manager on Facebook for various reasons:

  • 1. Your Page was hacked and you no longer have access to it.
  • 2. Business Manager account was created by a past employee and he is no longer associated with your company. You are not able to trace him or he is not willing to transfer the page to you.
  • 3. Business Manager account was created by an individual but you don’t know who it is. No one in your team has access to your Business Manager account.
  • 4. Business Manager account was created an FB profile that didn’t adhere to Facebook’s policies and so the account was suspended. No one else has access to it.
  • 5. You see a business name as a “Page Owner” in the “Roles” section of your page but you can’t recognise who/which business it is.

We have recovered access to Business Manager accounts for many of our clients. In each case, we had to try different options but finally succeeded in every single case.

If you are looking for any professional help in getting access to your Business Manager account or your Facebook page, feel free to contact us.

How to recover access to your Business Manager account on Facebook – Step by Step Guide

Below are some steps you can follow to recover access to your Page:

1. Identify Page Owner and make all efforts to contact.

This is an obvious step but often overlooked. Go to your Facebook Page, select “Settings” and go to “Page Roles”.  Take a look at the “Page Owner” part.

You might see the business name which manages your Page. Do you recognise this business? if so, try to contact them. If it is your own business, you may want to check with all of your team members who may have created this page or have access to it. Some people who may have Admin access to the Business Manager account also will be listed below. You can directly contact each individual listed as Owners and ask them to check their access to the page at If they see the Page listed in their Business Manager account, they can give you access from there.

2. Give Feedback to Facebook

Not able to recognise the Owner business? If the Page is owned by a Business Account that is not actively managed, then Facebook might show a Feedback button next to it.

Are you able to see a Feedback button as shown below?

If you see a button, then click on it. You will see a popup as shown below:

Choose one of the options shown on the page. If your page is shown as owned by someone not known to you, then you can choose the “Unauthorised access” option. When you click “Next”, you will get a confirmation message and nothing more. However, Facebook will contact you soon for further details. In one of our Business Manager account recovery cases, Facebook contacted us within a few hours and helped us to gain access to our Business Manager account.

3. Take Professional Help

If you find the process too complex for you to deal with or you are not able figure out how to proceed further, then take help from a professional agency to handle this for you. As a leading digital agency in India, we have helped numerous clients to manage their social media.

SpiderWorks may be able to help you recover your business manager account. Get in touch with us today for further details.

4. Is the Facebook Page hacked?

This is not a rare case any more. Facebook being one of the major business tools, it is a target of hackers. People lose access to Facebook Page and Facebook Business Manager by various types of hacking attacks. If you think you lost access to your Page because your account is hacked, then Facebook provides an option to contact them.

Follow the below link to contact Facebook for hacking recovery –

5. Submit Admin Dispute Request

Do you see a message as shown below:

If you see the above message, you can click on “Admin dispute request” and proceed with raising a dispute to claim your access. Typically, this message appears after you submit a Feedback on the Business Manager access.

6. Contact Facebook Support to recover Business Manager

Your final option is to talk to Facebook Support team and explain the situation to them. It is not a quick process but if you are able to convince them that you are the real owner of the Page, they will be able to help you with the recovery process.

Steps to contact Facebook Support:

1. Go to

2. Choose one of the most relevant options

3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Chat with a Representative” 

4. Wait for the Facebook chat person to start the conversation on Messenger

5. Explain your situation and provide the details they ask. Be prepared to share your Facebook page URL, Business Manager account id, a screenshot of the Page Roles section of your Page etc.

6. If the support person is convinced with your request, you will be asked to provide certain documents and ID proof to proceed. 

7. When you are ready with the documents, let them know through Chat Support again. They will send you an email asking you to reply to the email by attaching the documents. When starting the chat, if you are ready with all the documents shown in the above screenshot, you will be able to complete the process in a single chat.  

8. Wait for a resolution and get access back to your Facebook Business Manager account.

This approach has helped us in multiple cases in the past and we were able to successfully recover access to the Business Manager accounts of our clients.

Hope the solutions suggested in the article will work for you. Please share your feedback and experience with us as a comment below.

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