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Top Business Directories in the UAE

You have a business and you are struggling to take it to another level. However, it appears as if a Herculean task with a lack of sufficient information about the business to the customers. You want to publicise the business, but do not have enough money for an extensive advertisement campaign.

What will you do?

What is the solution?

How can you take your business to the right customer?

How can you tell the world, without spending a large amount of money, that you are specialised in a particular field?

Visibility is the keyword here. The more the visibility, the more the chances of success.

Visibility of the firm to the potential client/customer is of paramount importance for the growth of any business organization. UAE is a developed country and there are thousands of business entities competing with each other for attention. Such is the scenario, it is difficult for every company to stand out and get noticed by the potential customer. The information about your company should appear in front of the customer when he is searching for a particular product or service.

You are here probably because you were searching for “top business directories in UAE” and Google guided you to this page. As you have recognized the importance of a directory, you are on the right path. Of course, the listing of your business in a directory is not solely going to elevate it. The service provided, customer satisfaction, honest approach and transparency in deals are some of the key factors essential for the success of every business. Nevertheless, directories play a big role in improving the visibility of the business.

Best business directories to list your business

Search for a business directory to list your business will fetch thousands of results. There are hundreds of directories for the Dubai region itself. With countless directories to choose from, deciding the right directory may appear as if finding a needle in a haystack. Listing your business in any directory will not give you the desired result. The directory also should have enough traffic for your business to reach the right client.

That is why we decided to analyse the directories available in the UAE and prepare a list of top 5 directories in the UAE. The top 5 directories have been identified based on the visibility on Google searches, ease of browsing, customer reach and types and number of business listings. This list could be considered a benchmark whilst considering the listing of your company in a directory.

Reach UAE

ReachUAE is one of the top online business directories for local and international companies in the UAE to list their business. At ReachUAE, businesses and brands can include their address, email ID, phone number, website link, and WhatsApp chat option to contact directly. Being a trusted business directory, ReachUAE helps customers easily connect with local manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. The wide range of categories options on ReachUAE includes automobiles, restaurants, industrial solutions, hardware, machinery, tools, and a lot more. Customers can find the best dealer/supplier of almost all kinds of commercial, industrial, and personal products they search for in the UAE.

Website: is a comprehensive business directory providing an excellent platform for the companies in the UAE to list their business, free of cost. One of the best advantages of Business Network is, you can include a link to your business website, thus allowing potential customers to visit your website and contact you directly. Many other business directories hide the contact information, capture the lead from the potential customers and may sell the lead back to you at a cost.

If you are familiar with digital marketing and SEO concepts, you will know how important it is to get a link to your website from an authentic website. allows you to list your website link in the listing, thus giving you free SEO advantage.

Website: Website is created and managed by Global Business Directory Sole Proprietorship (GBD) based in Lithuania. The neatly arranged website has different categories based on location, based on the type of services, newly updated companies etc. The neatly arranged tabs make browsing easy and convenient. also has review and rating option for each company, where customers can put their observations and give ratings. The websites are also available for other countries including Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan and South Africa.

The “Jobs” tab in the website enumerates vacancies around the UAE. The jobs are displayed category-wise and aspirants can easily check for vacancies in their field of specialisation.


Dubai Business Directory

Dubai Business Directory claims to have more than 1000 impressions per day. Companies can list their business including contact details, address and a short description. There are options for both free basic listing and advanced listing. Free basic listing is a limited period offer. The directory charges a nominal fee for advanced listing.


Local Search

Local Search was established in 2014 in the United Arab Emirates that provides a database for over 250 thousand businesses in the UAE. It has both a website and a mobile app. The unique and perfect design of the Local Search website gliding over through the contents. The home page displays categories arranged popularity-wise.

Local Search has provision for user review for each company. It is an added advantage of the site. The customer can choose the right agency based on the review ratings. The same is beneficial for both the customer and the business.



Angloinfo is an all in one solution for the customers. The site not only has an elaborate directory but information regarding upcoming business-related events and discussions on several topics also. Angloinfo is a one-stop-solution for all your business listing requirements.

The directory headed by expats, affirms to support business ventures to reach high. In addition to the directory, the website has a “how to” guide for countries around the world. The information provided could be beneficial for the individuals planning to resettle to any part of the world. The said section deals with a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, schooling, education, entertainment, health care, postal system, banking, business tax etc.


Etisalat Yellowpages

The Etisalat Yellowpages business directory is an online marketplace that helps you list as well as find exporters, importers, service providers etc. Etisalat Yellowpages offers free online advertisement also.

The website enumerates company details as per categories. The details in respect of companies, including contact numbers, address and a brief description is available on the website. With all the data available Etisalat Yellowpages could be considered as one of the best directories in the UAE.


PS: The aforesaid list has been prepared based on the extensive research and assessment undertaken by us. Any disputes, doubts or queries may be communicated through the comment section below. You are always welcome to give us productive suggestions and constructive criticism.

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