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List of Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai, UAE

Every time Dubai business world is going through a recession or when there is a market fluctuation that negatively affects the businesses, there is one group that finds their luck in the trouble. They are none other than the digital marketing companies in the UAE. The situation is no different now. Many businesses are struggling and having a tough economical situation but the digital marketing industry is growing more than ever before.

But, why?

Why would digital marketing companies find their luck when others are having a tough time? It is no big secret. When businesses are slow, they want to cut the cost and get the best returns from their marketing budget. Switching from traditional media to online marketing is the solution most companies find to improve the ROI during difficult times. Digital Marketing companies can offer highly targeted, cost effective marketing solutions with precise control on the advertising budget.

There are plenty of digital marketing companies in Dubai, offering services across the UAE. The most popular digital marketing activities include social media marketing, search engine optimisation, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, influential marketing and content marketing. Some companies offer all of these services while some others specialise in one or more of these services.

A lot of information on this article is composed based on the information provided by the respective companies in their websites. Before you hire a company for your digital marketing requirements, you should verify the information directly.

Also, the companies listed below are not in any particular order of merit. We have randomly listed the digital marketing companies from Dubai as we discovered them on based on our search criteria.

Best Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE

“Best” is a relative term and something that is best for you may not be best for someone else. It will be hard to define which is the best digital marketing agency in Dubai. A company may be very good in certain services but may not be so good in some other services. Some other companies may be specialising in certain services.

Below is a list of best digital marketing companies in Dubai, we identified based on certain criteria:

1. SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd:

It is no surprise that we included our own company as the No: 1 digital marketing agency in Dubai. SpiderWorks, operating from its back office in Kochi, India and serving clients across the GCC countries, is a leading digital marketing agency. Incorporated in 2005, the company carries more than 1.5 decades of service excellence. Since its inception, the company has served clients across a range of domains including real-estate, hospitality, tourism, eCommerce, education, banking, finance and more. Company has a pool of about 30 employees with skill set including content writing, graphical designing, creative writing, video production, PPC, ad campaign management, social media marketing etc. SpiderWorks has a strong client base in Dubai and other regions of the UAE. You can contact the company through email ([email protected]) or by phone (+971 543 787 000).

2. Kiltons:

Kiltons is a complete business solutions company offering 360-degree solutions to the businesses in Dubai, starting from business setup, licensing, accounting, digital marketing, website development and more. One of the advantages of going for a company like Kiltons is, they will take care of all aspects of your business. If you are a startup in Dubai, you can count on Kiltons for business setup, licensing requirements, office space etc as well. Read these digital marketing tips for startups in Dubai. Kiltons has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also have presence in other regions of UAE. Digital Marketing activities are executed at their back office in India, which ensures best service at affordable cost. Marketing services offered include PPC, Social Media, Website development, Digital Marketing and SEO

3. Synergy TWD:

Synergy TWD is a digital marketing company based out of Dubai, UAE. The founders of the company claims about 18 years of experience in UAE market and have worked with several clients in the past years. Synergy TWD offers Video photography, Mobile application development, Graphical designs, Branding Collaterals, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Google Ads. If you are looking for a trusted digital marketing agency in Dubai, then you should definitely consider Synergy TWD as well. Arrange a call with the company, explain your requirements and take a quote. Also, if you are based out of Dubai, visit the office of the company and meet them in person to learn more about what they can offer you.

4. Digital Connect:

Digital Connect is an Indian company based out of Gujarat with its marketing office in Dubai. If you are looking for Indian talent to digitally market your business in Dubai, Digital Connect is a choice you can consider. Company has presence in Pune, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Company claims itself to be a “Search Engine Optimisation Company” and offers on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Their SEO packages are divided into Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. The Silver package targets 7 key phrases, Gold package targets 12 key phrases and their premium Platinum package targets up to 20 key phrases. Social Media Marketing and other services are also included in the package.

5. Emsoho Technologies:

Emsoho is a Dubai based IT company, offering a range of digital products and solutions, including digital marketing services. Over the past years, company has developed several web based products and applications serving industries like real estate, healthcare and ecommerce. Whether you are looking for an ecommerce application or digital marketing support, you can confidently approach Emsoho for a competitive quote. Company has offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, making it easy for you to approach them pretty quickly from anywhere in the UAE. Services offered by Emsoho include SEO, Content Marketing, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Online Reputation Management. The company is located at Hamsa Building – Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd – Dubai.

6. Pepper Web:

PepperWeb is a Dubai based web development company, offering a range of services including website development, online advertising, social media marketing and other research based digital marketing services. PepperWeb offers a range of services in the graphics design segment including infographics, vector art, pixel art, concept art, 3D modelling, flat illustrations etc, in addition to a range of digital marketing services. Also, company can help you on website development and mobile application development. The core team at pepper Web includes Mr. Karim Hachani, the founder and a creative head, a technology head, online advertising specialist, strategy lead, ui/ux developer and a digital creative executive. Company is located at the address: Office 1101, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai, UAE – 333879

7. Aspiron Worx:

Aspiron Worx is a UAE based web application company with its office in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai. The primary focus of the company is website designing and development, but also offers digital marketing services for clients in Dubai and rest of UAE. Other solutions offered includes domain registration, web hosting, email solutions, SEO, lead generation, mobile app development, social media management and more. Aspiron Worx has been helping businesses since 2012 and has a track record of serving several brands across UAE. Company also offers custom software development services. Company claims in its portfolio that it has delivered over 2000 projects as of year 2019. Some of the major brands the company has worked with includes Al Hadiqa, Al Mazen, Jeepers, SA Transport and Rent a Car, Sarkars, Australian Institute of Technology and Education, eFlightCentre etc.

8. GCC Marketing & Web Design:

As the name indicates, GCC Marketing is a web design company, catering to the clients across the GCC countries. With its office in B2B Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, company has a local presence in Dubai. Even though GCC Marketing is primarily a web design company, their range of services include social media marketing, search engine optimisation, PPC, SMM and other digital marketing. Company has served several big brands including First Step Properties, Dhirani Foodstuff Trading, Jiana, Golden East Group, Combat Martial Arts & Fitness, World HSE Week and more. If you are looking for their services, request a quick quote through their website or visit them directly in their office after a telephone appointment.

Since there is no benchmarking process on how to choose the best digital marketing company, you can look at some of these aspects to choose the right company for you – how old is the company, how many employees are working in the company, does the company offer all the services that you need, how are the reviews about the company on Google business listing, social media and other online review websites etc. If possible, ask for some testimonials from the previous clients of the company which will help you get some feedback about their services.

Did we miss any major digital marketing companies in this list? Just let us know the company name and a brief profile of the company as a comment below. We will definitely review your business details and add to our list of best digital marketing agencies in Dubai, if it qualifies.

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