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An Ultimate Guide That Startups Need: How To Start Video Marketing

Businesses today have to face several challenges from various points. In this highly competitive era, it is crucial to opt for the right kind of strategy that can properly help them overcome the issues they face. Since they have to deal with many things, video marketing is an innovative approach to overcoming tough challenges.

Video marketing is the latest marketing technique completely different from conventional marketing methods. Video contents are highly popular now. More than 83% of internet audiences spend billions of hours watching videos online. Video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have billions of users worldwide, and marketers never hesitate to tap this magnanimous user base to market their products or services. It is quite easy to promote the brand through video content rather than text or images.

Why every business should adopt video marketing technique

Video content has dominated the texts and images in recent years on the internet. According to many, video is the future of marketing.

  • According to the release by Hubspot, 78% of people spend their time watching online videos every week, and 54% of the users watch the videos daily.
  • According to Google, 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos–on-demand (Online videos) than conventional television.
  • YouTube also witnesses users spend billions of hours watching time daily on its platform.

This data shows how much video content is popular nowadays and how firmly it influences the internet audience.

Due to the heavy demand for video content, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have formulated video first policy. They allow the users to upload, edit, publish and share the videos on their platforms. Moreover, a user can live broadcast the video to get connected with a larger audience on these platforms, and they also can notify their users through short stories. The popularity of dedicated video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok has skyrocketed in recent years, and they have witnessed high video consumption.

Apart from the popularity, creating video content has also been eased by using a video maker that is completely easy to use and produces outstanding videos that can truly contribute to promoting and popularizing any brand.

The objective of video marketing

Each marketing campaign has a different objective, and marketers are steadfast in achieving that. Video marketing also has some goals. They are mentioned here.

1.      Awareness  

Brand awareness is all about introducing your product to a larger audience and making a strong relationship between the brand and the consumers. This goal is called awareness. Marketers know how to create awareness videos that are useful to grow the audience. The main goal of the awareness videos should popularize the brand, not drive more sales.

2.     Consideration

Consideration contents work like a bridge between the brand and the customers. If you face tough competition from competitors, it will be best to invest in consideration videos. These contents showcase how much expertise you have in your field. If you have chosen YouTube as your major video marketing platform, considering content can grow your channel's subscribers.

3.     Conversion

Conversion is the ultimate objective of video marketing. Since many marketers work to acquire a high conversion rate through video marketing, it is best to get the result through the conversion. This is the endpoint of the marketing funnel and a deciding factor in whether your video marketing campaign is a success or failure. Sales are the most important metric of conversion, and the more sales the video drives, it will be supposed to be more successful. If you witness people clicking on your given link but with no increment in purchasing rate, you have to assume that there is a disconnection between the brand and the video content you publish.

Know your audience before starting a video marketing campaign

The audience is king, and they decide whether the marketing campaign is a success or failure. So, before starting anything, you need to know about your audience. When you define your audience, it will be easier to understand whom you are talking to and which topic they are interested in.

Most of the time, marketers don't get a proper idea about the customers who are the best fit for the brand. To achieve this feat, you have to trawl through any data showing the customers and identifying their patterns. You can filter the data to know about the age, gender, and location, and this data will let you create the video marketing campaign based on gender, age, and geographic location.

On the other hand, if you are still unaware of your audience, you can depend on the audience's empathy, and chances are, the campaign may end up a failure. This is why you initially spend little time and resources to know your audience.

Prepare a blueprint of your plan to roll out the video marketing campaign

Planning is the key to success when going for a video marketing campaign. Therefore, it is recommended to organize the approach using the right tools. A good online tool like online video maker can be used to create video content easily. When you have this tool, there is a good chance that you can easily make professional quality videos with ease and grab the audience's attention.

Different types of videos to use for marketing

There are different types of video content being used for video marketing purposes. The list of these videos is given below.

1.      Explainer videos

Explainer videos are now extensively used for video marketing purposes. These are available in different formats and firmly impact the viewers. Since they are available in different formats, it is best to meet the viewer's demands and solve their queries.

Explainer videos work to dive deeply into the product, explain the concept, or how to use it for doing something. Conversion is the main goal of explainer videos, and most of these videos you can find embedded on a landing page or sometimes to email to loyal customers. These videos are also easy to upload and share on social media platforms.

2.     Promotional videos or ads

Video ads or promos are commonly used in video format for promoting the brand and its product. Video ads can take various forms, and most of the time, they are used from top to bottom of the marketing funnel. The best thing about the promos or ads is that they are made to target the audience, and the main objective of these videos is to popularize the brand among a larger audience.

When these videos are used in the preliminary stage, they enhance the brand's vision, values, and origin of the story. The videos will serve a strong value proposition and feature a strong call-to-action when it comes to the conversion stage. This way, this video works to make video marketing a success.

3.     Sales and discounts videos

Some business organizations roll out special offers during a certain period of the year. These offers are mainly meant to pull the maximum audience to the brand, and this is why it is crucial to let people know when the offers or special discounts are coming out. Sales and discount videos serve this cause.

Sales videos are mainly published during special festivals or special occasions like Christmas, Black Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and many more. These videos heighten the interest in buying discounted particulars, and they mainly push the customers to purchase these goods.

Sales videos are effective and most successful because they only highlight the main points of the brand, and the length of these videos is shorter compared to the other videos. The conversion and call-to-action will skyrocket after using these videos.

4.     Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are also known as social proof. They mainly help to leverage the existing customer base to let others know that your brand and product are completely trustworthy and capable of meeting the customers' requirements. The existing use of the product gives his positive opinion through these videos, which is why it will be best to motivate people regarding the product or the service you offer. Since these are also social proof videos, it will be easy to let people know how authentic your brand or product is authentic.

For the testimonial videos, you can either take a selfie view of the smartphones or can animate their message into a video. While making these videos, one thing is to remember that they must be trustworthy and believable for the targeted audience.

5.     Brand story videos

Brand story videos give the audience a clear insight into your business and its history, mission, and what sets you apart from the crowd. According to experts, 64% of consumers find that brand story videos effectively tell more about the brand, and 52% get motivated after watching these videos. 

These are some of the most interesting storytelling procedures to showcase the brand values aligned with personal values. This is the reason it would be best to invest in these types of videos that would rightly meet your needs and should convert the viewers into potential customers. Since these videos display the brand and its various aspects, it offers a great connection among the viewers towards the brand.

6.     Facebook cover videos 

Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the globe. In recent years, it has upgraded its platform to promote the content of the video. Changing the framework has been providing the maximum option to its users to upload, watch, and share videos. This is why many marketers today suggest investing in Facebook cover videos to showcase the product or service to a larger audience. Though the exact objective of Facebook videos can vary, they have a firm impact on the audience, and one video can reach billions within a few minutes.

Facebook cover videos are the best way to draw maximum attention and better engagement from the audience. In this way, it will be easy to get the maximum audience to your website through click-to-action, and this is what you want to have in your video marketing campaign.

7.      YouTube intro videos

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. Therefore, almost every marketer prefers to use this platform for their video marketing campaign, and you can find millions of YouTube channels mainly used for promoting brands and the products they offer.

If you are also using YouTube as your primary video marketing campaign, then use eye-catching intro videos. The intro videos explain what your channel is about and what the product or services are. Make sure that the intro videos are mainly made for awareness purposes, and it will define the business or the YouTube brand. An attractive intro video can do wonders by letting a larger audience know about your brand.

Distributing the videos

Creating videos is not all to achieve your video marketing goals. This is only half of the way. Distributing in appropriate channels will yield the result that you want.

1.      Share the videos on social media

7 out of 10 people are social media addicts, and they use these social media platforms to get information regarding their daily lives. This is why marketers prefer to use social media as the primary video distribution tool to reach the maximum audience. Billions use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A single teaser or sneak-peak video can create traction among them, and it will push them to watch the complete video either on your YouTube channel or on your website.

2.     Embed video on the landing page

According to a survey, almost 84% of people are convinced to make their purchase after seeing videos on the landing page. Since people visit the website to make their purchases after watching a brand video, but they are still fully satisfied, when they watch videos on the particular webpage regarding the product or service, they get motivated and become potential buyers.

3.     Paid social media advertising

There are several social media advertising packages available that can be opted to reach the maximum audience instantly. Instagram ads and Facebook ads are much more popular these days, and many businesses are adopting them. The best thing is that there is no need to break the bank while opting for these social media ads.


Video marketing is the future of marketing. Businesses can get enormous advantages after investing in video marketing. These basic techniques will let you start your video marketing campaign, enhancing brand visibility and driving more sales.

It is critical for a budding startup to develop a marketing plan. To achieve a competitive edge, you must provide some great content.

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